Other Uses for Loops



Having trouble understanding dialogue on TV, no matter how loud it is? Hearing loops can be installed in your own home. While captioning may still be necessary, you will hear a lot more clearly using a telecoil and hearing loop for your TV. You can loop an entire room, or you can use a loop pad that can be placed under your chair or sofa.


Counter loops assist those with hearing loss hear what is being said at noisy public spaces such as banks, libraries, service counters, transportation booths, and especially pharmacies where privacy is essential.


Portable loops are available for use when you move around. It can be carried to meetings or used in restaurants. The unit has a built in microphone or an external microphone can be used.


Can’t have a conversation in your car because of all the background noise? Loop systems are available for car installations. Many of the taxis in New York City have hearing loops installed.

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