Hearing Loops for Equal Hearing Access

Our Mission:

To bring equal communication access for those with hearing loss through advocacy, education and assistive hearing technology; our primary technology focus is hearing loops.


We are passionate about bringing equal hearing access to those who have hearing loss. You usually can’t tell by looking at a person whether they can hear what is being said.  More accurately, however, is not if a person can hear, but whether they can understand what is said.   A hard-of- hearing person can usually hear sound, but cannot comprehend because they cannot filter out the background sound.  A hearing aid often amplifies everything, not just the sound a person is trying to hear.

Many who have lost hearing over time have learned to minimize or deny the extent of their hearing loss. At some point this becomes a barrier, which marginalizes them, causing them to withdraw from social interactions.  People with hearing loss often don’t want to be seen as hard of hearing. For these reasons many assisted listening systems go unused, giving venues the misconception that there is no need for assistive listening systems.

Our workshops and presentations educate those with “normal” hearing and also those with hearing loss.  We encourage those with hearing loss to speak up – let venues know what they need to hear and that they have a right to hear.  We educate businesses and churches what hearing loss is and what technology is available.  For large venues the best technology available is hearing loop technology.

There never is a charge for us to do a workshop or presentation.  Call or email us for more information.  We can customize a presentation for your particular requirements.

Hearing Loops:

We don’t just sell hearing loops; we offer solutions to bring equal hearing access to your congregants or customers so they can fully participate.

Whether a church, conference room, bingo hall or performing arts center, Hearing Access Solutions  has the experience and knowledge to design hearing loop systems that are cost-effective and blend seamlessly into your facility.

Beyond that and more importantly, we sincerely believe we can provide a service to you and those with hearing loss that will make a significant positive difference in your life and the lives of those who have hearing loss and their families.

We begin each project with a comprehensive needs assessment where we collaborate with you and your sound person(s) to determine your needs and requirements. We will also review your current assistive listening system if appropriate and determine if it is meeting  your  listening needs. A financial analysis of the costs and benefits of the loop system are discussed, including your budgetary requirements.

Based on the information we gather we offer a range of options that will meet your requirements with maximum  benefits.  Although we service primarily Iowa and Nebraska, we have also installed hearing loops in Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota and California.



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