Hearing Loops

Whether a church, conference room, bingo hall or performing arts center, Hearing Access Solutions  has the experience and knowledge to design hearing loop systems that are cost-effective and blend seamlessly into your facility.

Beyond that and more importantly, we sincerely believe we can provide a service to you and those with hearing loss that will make a significant positive difference in your life and the lives of those who have hearing loss and their families.

We begin each project with a comprehensive needs assessment where we collaborate with you and your sound person(s) to determine your needs and requirements. We will also review your current assistive listening system if appropriate and determine if it is meeting  your  listening needs. A financial analysis of the costs and benefits of the loop system are discussed, including your budgetary requirements.

Based on the information we gather we offer a range of options that will meet your requirements with maximum  benefits.  Although we service primarily Iowa and Nebraska, we have also installed hearing loops in Missouri and California.

“I  don’t wear a hearing aid but tried on a headphone . . . and the sound came  through loud and clear.”

–Michael Kelly,

Columnist, Omaha  World Herald


Hearing Loops